Ayala Frenkel

Choreographer, dancer and a curator in the field of Contemporary Dance.

Ayala Frenkel is a contemporary dance artist, choreographer, curator and a dancer, making her own work since 2010. Her choreography is concerned with feminism and women's sexuality. Her solo GAZELLE looks at Israeli patriarchal society and her duet, 2HER, presents the complexity of femininity and was supported by the Ministry of Culture and the National Lottery. She recently premiered her piece PANGEA, a group piece aiming to define a feminine choreographic language. for this piece she also received a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Lottery. Ayala presented her works in various Festivals in Israel, NYC and Italy.


In 2017, Ayala initiated MEETING Festival, a festival dedicated to feminist art. Today she is the manager and curator of this annual Festival. The Festival is a platform for both established and young female artists sharing one stage in the fields of Dance, Performance, Theater and Music.


As a dancer, Ayala has performed with many choreographers: Ohad Naharin, Yasmeen Godder, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Iris Erez, among others.


Ayala was invited to create pieces for dance schools such as 'Hasadna' in Haifa (a professional dance school), Ben-Gurion University Dance Company (in collaboration with Ofir yudilevitch), and she is currently teaching contemporary dance at Hakvuza dance school for aspiring dancers in Tel Aviv.

Ayala is also looking for encounters with different populations through the field of dance art. in 2017 she created the piece WHERE THERE IS SIMPLICITY which consist an inter-generational cast of eight performers, non-dancers and dancers ages 10-56. The piece premiered at Bat Yam International Art and Theatre Street Festival 2017,In collaboration with Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam.

Additionally to that, In 2015 Ayala was a dancer and co-creator at “Maase Gil” (Age Tale) Project, that aims to meet up between dancers and elderly from Bat-Yam Lustinger day -center. Together with the elderly a piece was created and performed at Bat-Yam street festival. This  project was established and led by daila Chaimsky.

Later that year, took part in “Hafraa” Project that aims to meet up between dancers and their knowledge to people who has parkinson. a collaboration between Yasmeen Godder studio and Freiburg theatre.

Ayala is additionally interested in researching nearby territories. She is a first degree student in Philosophy and Art. Ayala is a certified Yoga teacher (since 2018) , and has a practitioner diploma in Ilan Lev Method (since 2011).