Choreography: Ayala Frenkel

Performers: Noa Shavit, Ayala Frenkel

Music: Ian Richter

Costume: Rosalind Noctor

Light Design: Ofer Laufer

Photos by: Efrat Mazor Goldberg

Graphic Design: Simona Katsman


About the piece:

Two women are standing side by side/ one in front of each other.

Together, they create a space where violence and softness can exist together. Revealing different faces of femininity.

The piece aims to break the linear way of expression, and to give space to the alternative, feminine way.



The piece premiered in Dance Arena Festival, Jerusalem, July 2016.

Artistic director: Sahar Azimi.

The piece is supported by Council of culture and art of the National Lottery.

Also supported by RE-SEARCH residency program and Yasmeen Godder Studio residency program.



“Dazed boundaries between bodies and identities are shown at 2HER by Ayala Frenkel, presenting a changing dynamic between two performers, Frenkel and Noa Shavit. Each one is a full world of movement and expressions, sometimes intensive and frantic, and sometimes slow and totally focused on themselves.

But the two also create a “Together”, physically and choreographically- an intensive touch between one body to another and organs that get each other, one inside the other- it’s unclear whether its initiated or inevitable (or both). This interaction reveals a wide range of contradictory emotions that the transition between them are dazed and tricking: A hug that feels like a strangling, rocking that feels like grasping, violence that merges into softness.”    Idit Suslik, Mouse-City Magazine, 15/7/2016



4/12 “Hakarnaf” Theatre, Jerusalem. Machol Shalem International exposure.

11/10 Inbal Theatre, Tel Aviv.

12-14/7 Beit Mazie, Jerusalem. Dance Area Festival.

9/7 Machsan 2, Tel Aviv. RE-SEARCH Festival

An interview with Ayala about the piece

*The piece is 40 minutes long

Noa Shavit and Ayala Frenke, 2HER

Noa Shavit and Ayala FrenkeL, 2HER

Noa Shavit and Ayala Frenkel, 2HER