MEETING Festival

 for Feminist Performance Art

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The ‘MEETING Festival’ is an annual festival for feminist performance art. The festival deals with the female experience via an encounter with the active, female body, moving and exposed.  


The ‘Meeting’ Festival is centered upon the encounter as a necessary and revolutionary opportunity to discuss various aspects of femininity- it allows for a dialogue between artists from various fields with their audience, between women, between art and thought, action and experiment, the active body, which is performing and communicating and the viewer, listening and reacting.


The ‘MEETING Festival’ takes place for three days during of the first weekend in July at the Kelim Choreography Center in Bat Yam. The festival was founded in 2017 by choreographer Ayala Frenkel in collaboration with Kelim. Under its umbrella, premieres in dance, performance, music, visual art and music are held.

MEETING Festival 2018: Between the Private and Public Body
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In 2018, the festival dealt with the topic “Private Body/Public Body” and through observation, action and debate we moved along the range from the private sector to the public sector in which the body exists; the body presented on stage by the artists, which they speak through and about and depict from their personal experience. The dancing woman is conscious of her body and observes it while also seeking out the external, public gaze. The body of the dancing woman as well as the non-dancing woman is both a private and public arena, sometimes it is appropriated from the private space for the good of the public and sometimes it is shrunk down to the private space or pushed to the sidelines, sometimes it wants to be discovered and sometimes it wants to huddle in its corner. The festival offers a platform that allows women, dancing and not, to observe their body in different spaces, in an attempt to cultivate in itself the strength it demands and activate within itself the various spaces.


Artists who took part: Galit liss, Orly Portal, Ori Lenkinski, Anat Dreamer. Ortal Atzbaha, Noa atar, Shani Bar Dimri, Orly Almi, Laura Kirshenbaum, Hana Vazana, Alex Riff,  Maya Zax, Rita Kogan, Yael Chetz.

Light Designers: Amir Castro, Ofer Laufer, Rotem Elroy.

Graphic Design: Bellahsen Mikhal Johanna Clementine 

MEETING Festival 2017

In 2017, Ayala initiated and curated  MEETING, an event dedicated to feminist art.

Women artist from varied fields such as dance, music, performance, literature, and photography met together in order to share

and discuss  feminist and feminine subjects. 


Artists who took part: Faye Shapiro, Merav Dagan, Stav Marin, Anat Danieli. Stav Struz, Reuma Zohar Choyot,

Tamar Mor Sela, Michal Shamir, Noa Shavit, Ayala Frenkel, Orly Almi.

Light Designers: Ofer Laufer, Amir Castro.

Graphic Design: Simona Katzman