In PANGEA we want to look at what is undefined, to hold a space that is crumbling.

Like defining femininity, not willing to define itself according to masculinity,

PANGEA wants to define itself from itself.

The piece aims to suggest a complex and wide interpretation to the term ‘womanhood’. It is looking for a multi dimensional representation of women's as individuals who differ from one another on stage. And at the same time, we wish to create a solid community on stage.

The dancers performing the piece differ from one another in their appearance, dance education  and cultural background. All which influenced their personal images as woman. Throughout the piece we absorb topics as multicultural society, individualism, and the private identity. We  wish to step apart from qlishues and to break apart traditional ideals of womanhood. Moreover, we would like to create a system on stage which allows differentiation side by side to humanity and solidarity.

The piece structure offers a feminine alternative. It is built as a metaphor to the cyclic period of a woman. being born in the overy, moving inside and through the body and then come apart into period. This recyclic structure and costructure and disconstrcture exist also in the piece.    

Work length: 40 min.

The piece premiered at MEETING Festival, Kelim Center Bat Yam, July 2018.

Choreography: Ayala Frenkel

Performers: Ortal Atsbaha, Galiya Tzur, Maria Rudneva , Ayala Frenkel

Light Design: Ofer Laufer

Music Editor: Ian Richter

Costume:  sponsorship- MIZO by Inbal Ben Zaken

The piece is supported by Council of culture and art of the National Lottery.






Photographer: Natasha Shakhnes