Choreography: Ayala Frenkel

Performers: Ayala Frenkel

Costume: Rosalind Noctor

Rehearsal Director: Sharon Zuckerman

Music: Anti-Body / Gazelle Twin, Que Sera Sera / Doris Day

Photos by: Tamar Lamm 

Graphic design: Simona Katsman

About the piece:

In the piece I recreate the images embodied in me by the Israeli society, both as a women and as a dancer.

Through this process of revisiting, I gain control over them and construct a new sense of self.

Through my own body I hope to reveal a larger story, a story that portrays the way society teaches women codes and norms they are expected to act upon.



The piece premiered in Zirat Machol Dance Festival, July 2015, Jerusalem.

Artistic Director: Sahar Azimi



“In the solo GAZELLE Ayala Frenkel dances with a  fabric covering her face. A black suite accurately covers the arms, but the black skirt is splitted and torn. She reminds a women dressed in a contemporary version of a Buraka. In a contradiction to the upper part which is covered, the whithe thigh are revealed, and the positions of the restless woman discovers the intimate parts of the lower part of her body, as an imprisoned sensuality is asking to burst out.  When the song "Que Sera, Sera" by Doris Day is played displaying optimism and freedom, sitting and listening is all she has left to do. Then she wears sport clothes, a yellow shirt and short green pants, which perhaps to them she is longing for. Over those she adds up fabric portions and burst into a passionate dance that ends with a big shout out. A theatrical part with a strong message of a women. “

Ruth Eshel, “Haaretz”, 15/7/2015



10/2/2017 Tel Aviv, Israel. Clipa Thetre, Clipa Festival. 

7/11/2016 Milano. Italy. Pim Off Theatre.

3/11/2016 Rome, Italy. RomaEuropa Festival.

14/6/2016 Jerusalem, Israel. Gallery Theatre.

15/1/2016 NYC, USA. Two performances at “Out of Israel Festival”, at the 92Y.

8/10/2015 Tel Aviv. Israel. Machsan 2 Theatre.

10/10/2015 Tel Aviv. Israel. Machsan 2 Theatre.

14/7/2015 Jerusalem, Israel. Dance Arena Festival.

12/7/2015 Jerusalem, Israel. Dance Arena Festival, Premiere.

An interview with Ayala about the piece

*The piece is 15 minutes long

Ayala Frenkel, GAZELLE


Ayala Frenkel, GAZELLE

Ayala Frenkel, GAZELLE