Noa Shavit


Born in 1983. A dancer, rehearsal-director and a teacher.

As a dancer, Nos has collaborated with the choreographers: Noa Dar, Sharon Kashi, Dganit Shemi, Omer Uziel, Nimrod Frid, Dede Dance Company, Emanuel Gat, Anat Grigorio, Sharon Fridman. Dancer - creator in the piece 2HER by Ayala Frenkel.

For her performance in 2HER by Ayala Frenkel, Noa recieved a prize from EMI, the israeli artists union,  in 2017.  

As a rehearsal director, Noa collaborated with the choreographers: Alon Shtoyer, Claudine Kroste.

As a teacher, Noa is teaching on a variety of dance schools such as “Hasadna” dance school for professional dancers, Haifa.

Studied dance in Gaaton dance school.