Embodied Introduction to Somatic Practices

As a dancer I've experienced varied techniques throughout my work with different choreographers. I've studied release Technique, Gaga and Butoh. moreover, I've studied somatic techniques such as ilan Lev Method (based on Feldenkraise), Yoga and BMC.

When teaching, I use and combine this wide information as a ground for improvisation and self exploration. I invite the students to play with ideas and principles, and to find their own interpretation to those references. in the classes we experience floor work, we play with options of rythem, we use images and guidance for movement in space. at the same time, the students are invited to reflect on their own interests within.

This class is about sharing a very wide palette of Somatic practices, from the dance world and from the therapeutic one. Therefore it is an invitation for a playful, expressive, investigative and open set of mind.

יוגה 4.JPG

From Yoga into Dance

Being both a Release Technique Dancer and a yoga teacher, I've been developing a class that combines this two perspectives-techniques. the idea is to enlighten the beauty of of each of the techniques and to let them support one  another.

Yoga combines anatomy together with eastern philosophy. those two are an extremely relevant tools for a dancer in order to work thoughtfully and softly with her/his body.  through listening, breathing and connecting, the dancer built a strong physical, emotional and cognitive base for movement and action. I personally experience that Yoga can be a great subsitute to classical Ballet technique. it is  a powerful way to learn and improve body and movement awareness.

This base is then being used and stretched in the second part of the class, when we study Release Technique. we can now feel supported going into movement, exploration of space, momentum, and pleasure of dance.   

This class is about sharing the techniques of Yoga and Release technique. it is structured and technical as opposed to the improvisation based work of  'Embodied Introduction to Somatic Practices'.